Naples Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Were you a victim of a medical mistake?

Medical malpractice happens, and it’s your right to receive adept and skilled medical care, yet a medical negligence claim in Florida is extremely complicated with many stumbling blocks to overcome. It is essential to prove that your health care provider was neglectful and remiss, causing your injury.

We have a right to be concerned about safety standards and mistakes that could result in serious injuries or death to ourselves or our loved ones, therefore if you feel you have suffered or been the victim of medical negligence its important to contact a proficient medical malpractice lawyer to determine whether there is a potentially valid claim for compensation.

You must act fast when it comes to medical negligence

Unlike other negligence claims there is a shorter time period to take action. It’s necessary to find a personal injury trial lawyer to handle your case before your claim gets barred.

Mr. Larsen is committed to acquiring the best results while maintaining a high ethical standard in handling your case.

Your Medical Malpractice Case Requires an Experienced Attorney

Mr. Larsen deals with medical malpractice in Naples, seeking to compensate people for damages due to emotional, financial, social and physical suffering. Seeking justice for you and your family, Mr. Larsen will assist in recovering your losses while ensuring future patients do not succumb to the same suffering by holding the guilty health care professionals accountable for their misconduct and malpractice.

Edward L. Larsen, is a Naples lawyer who is familiar with the local health centers and facilities. Mr. Larsen has over 30 years of experience to provide you with legal representation you deserve.


  • Unsanitary surgical utensils
  • Delayed surgery
  • Incorrect Surgery
  • Wrong incision
  • Organ puncture
  • Childbirth Mistakes
  • Gastric Bypass Mistake
  • Plastic Surgery Error


  • Special damages
  • Economic damages
  • Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical bills
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of future earning

Mr. Larsen understands the difficulties involved in being the victim of medical malpractice and error. If you have suffered at the hands of negligence do not hesitate to contact our office for a free consultation and discuss the optimal way to proceed.