Naples Probate Litigation Attorney

Solve estate & probate litigation matters

Mr. Larsen is a Probate Litigation Lawyer in Naples, who can ensure that the heirs or creditors are granted the various rights or privileges pertaining to the will, and that specific limitations are strictly adhered to.

Not everyone may be satisfied with the provisions of the Will and surviving family members may want to correct any area of injustices.

It is common that probate litigation is contemplated by a person after receiving a Notice of Administration, which is the formal document alerting all parties of the decedents demise, the filing of the Will, and that probate proceedings are to begin within the allocated time or barred forever.

Seek Representation Immediately

There are a variety of legal bases from which a dispute can arise, from undue influence and duress to improper signing or lack of mental capacity.

Once the individual is served a Notice of Administration there is a very limited time frame that result in any promises or guarantees becoming ineffective unless the various parties have agreed on an official written and signed settlement .

Types of Probate Litigation:

  • Mistake in Execution
  • Undue Influence
  • Lack of Testamentary Capacity

Probate Litigation Can Involve:

  • Determination of Heirs
  • Elective Share Litigation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Mr. Edward Larsen, Esq. is highly qualified to assist in your probate litigation matters and ensure your rights and privileges are strictly followed when dealing with a decedents Will. Please call Mr. Larsen today to schedule a free consultation.