Naples Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil lawsuits are claims in which one person, company or entity sues another. Civil lawsuits are fundamentally different from criminal ones.

First, civil lawsuits are not brought by a prosecutor, district attorney or agent of the state, but instead are brought by an individual or an entity (like a corporation). Second, the remedies sought in civil lawsuits are generally limited to monetary damages, whereas criminal cases often lead to jail time. Special rules of court procedure apply to both civil and criminal cases and dictate what evidence is admissible and what must be proven for a plaintiff or a defendant to prevail.

Example Cases:

Real Estate litigation

Breach of Contract

Intellectual Property

Probate litigation

Employment Discrimination

Personal Injury

Business litigation

Wrongful Death

Professional Malpractice

Edward L. Larsen, Esq. practices in the Circuit Court in Collier and Lee Counties, Florida as well as the United States District Court.